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Hello Krakow =)


I was sad to say goodbye to Prague but I will be back and I’m excited to explore Poland! I arrived in Krakow at 8 in the morning and couldn’t check into my hostel until 1pm. So I dropped my suitcase off and thought, my backpack’s not that bad, I’ll just carry it with me. Big mistake, it was way heavier than it looked.

Most people that come to Krakow also book a trip to Auschwitz. I opted out of that one, too emotional for me and I don’t really like that it’s a major tourist attraction. My hostel is right in the city center so it is very easy to get anywhere really, no public transportation necessary for this city. I explored St. Mary’s church and Wawel castle. And more churches. And even more. You know how I said that the Czech Republic had a pub on every corner? Well it’s like that here except with churches instead of pubs. And there’s nuns and priests just walking down the street all of the time.

And you know what’s also great about my hostel? They give you free dinner! A soup and a main course. Great deal! And I went on a pub crawl with sangria before hand. Don’t worry, I didn’t go alone, it was run by the hostel and I went with two Welsh girls who are also staying in my room. Along with heaps of people from the hostel. Krakow is a pretty awesome city! Oh and amidst the charm of Old Town, there is a Hard Rock Cafe. Doesn’t really fit in.   


Czarodziejska Góra

szara spódnica marki Laura Lindor, made in Italy

rozcięcie z tyłu, posiada szlufki, 100% poliester, ciekawa faktura materiału (wygląda jak wełna)
długość: 58 cm // szerokość w pasie: 33 cm // szerokość w biodrach: 43 cm
cena: 45 zło
Elegant vintage 90s grey skirt from Laura Lindor, made in Italy.
Has back slit and belt loops. Made out of 100% polyester, material has interesting texture (look like wool)
length: 58 cm / / waist width: 33 cm / / width of the hips: 43 cm 
price: 45 zł

miętowa bluzka marki Yarell, 100% poliester, lekko przeźroczysta, bardzo zwiewna i przyjemna, z pięknym przodem i kołnierzykiem
rozmiar 38 // długość: 66 cm // długość rękawa: 61 cm // szerokość (w ramionach): 40 cm
cena: 50 zło
Stunning vintage 90s mint blouse from Yarell. Made out of 100% polyester.
It’s slightly transparent, very airy and comfortable, with a beautiful front and collar.
size 38 / / length: 66 cm / / sleeve length: 61 cm / / shoulders width: 40 cm 
price: 50 zł

#poland #krakow #lightshow. #lightly #night 2011


#poland #krakow #lightshow. #lightly #night 2011


7/21/2014 Wild flowers from overgrown land we own.


7/21/2014 Wild flowers from overgrown land we own.

animation nights.



i spent last tuesday and wednesday nights at animation days. hosted on the maly rynek (just around the corner from my apartment), the screenings were totally free. and totally wonderful. a perfect setting and a really great collection of short films.


screening animated shorts from…